I absolutely fell in love with this book. The message is so powerful. I wish adults would read it in addition to children. The world would be such a different place! Keep up the great work!

Jess Krout
Features Editor
The Evening Sun


Susan Skiles is not the grandmother of our family. She is, however, known as Nana to many. I have learned so much as I have taught my children through her inspired writings. My children have actually challenged me as opportunities presented themselves to apply something that we learned from her. The Lamplighter is a delightful way to learn with your child or grandchild.

Shannan Nakielny, mother of five


A superb introduction of values to children is the key to Susan Skiles’ writings in “The Lamplighter”. Ms. Skiles creates experiences for children to help each other become better people, by being kind to one another and helping bring out the good in each of us. We look forward to her future writings that will inspire our next generation to develop qualities we hope all children will learn to share with one another.

Joan Lenczycki, grandmother of three