Have you ever been in the presence of someone who makes you feel better just by being around them? That person could be a Lamplighter. A Lamplighter takes their lamp of kindness and happiness and rekindles someone’s lamp that has perhaps gone a little dim.

Jonathan is confused because many of his friends were being unkind at school. Nana explains to him how easy it is to re-light someone’s lamp of kindness with his own.

The Lamplighter is the first in a series of “Tell Me Nana Books” which are sure to appeal to children and inspire parents and grandparents. Susan Skiles offers fresh ideas on teaching children about treating others with kindness and compassion. What if we all became Lamplighters?


This book is dedicated to Susan Skiles’ first grandchild, Connor. The lamps Connor lit in his five short years while he was with us will remain brightly lit in our hearts forever.